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A kid died in the kilm today, *mother*.

And the crowd goes wild...

20 July
C'est vrai, je suis dieu.
a global threat, ac/dc, aerosmith, alfred hitchcock, alice in chains, all that teenage bullshit, anarchy, ancient greece, anti-flag, at the drive in, bass, being a smart ass, bitching, blonde redhead, cat power, christopher pike, cold war, colin farrell, collective soul, contant boredom, crazy people, csi, czech, edgar allen poe, eve 6, facism, famous bad guys, filter, french, gaelic, german, goo goo dolls, green day, guitar, hebrew, hungarian, johnny depp, latin, learning about other cultures, learning about religions, liquor, mad magazine, making bad one-liners, many bands, matthew good band, metric, mistings, modest mouse, moist, monsters on maple street, msi, music, music that doesn't suck, musical theatre, mystery science theatre 3000, nazi germany, nin, nirvana, not working, oasis, old horror movies, openminded people, our lady peace, paranormal, pearl jam, piano, pina coladas, poison the well, propagandhi (band), psychology, radiohead, rage against the machine, ramones, randomness, ranting, reading other people's opinions, rem, robert j. sawyer, rod serling, romanian, rum, scotch, semisonic, sex pistols, silverchair, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smug arrogance, socialism, some history, some politics, space, spanish, stephen king, t.a.t.u, tales from the crypt, televisions, tequila, the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, the beatles, the hives, the macabre, the misfits, the outer limits, the pixies, the tea party, the twilight zone, the ussr, the vines, the white stripes, things, third eye blind, u2, unique fasion, us bombs, violin/fiddle, vodka, writing, ww2